Our Philosophy

Create Asia is committed to the concept of conscious living in the development and management of our resort communities – blending sustainability with luxurious living. Each project is designed with an awareness of the relationship between environment and development, the impact of the choice and use of products within our developments. Our communities sit in beautiful natural landscapes, and with a thoughtful blend of sustainable design and use of products, we create harmonious places where people and nature meet.


Our Work

Create Asia develops and manages stylish resort communities in Japan and is expected to launch its newest villa project in Thailand soon. Our projects range from the uniquely contemporary residences nestled at the foothills of the majestic Hakuba mountain range to exquisitely crafted villas perched atop the Koh Samui hills overlooking the magnificent Gulf of Thailand. In every development we constantly look to combine luxurious design with eco-friendly initiatives without compromising on comfort and aesthetics. We work to incorporate sustainable and local resources into our projects, whether it is the installation of bamboo flooring or the provision of organic linens.


At Create Asia we develop resort communities with a focus on creativity within our environmental footprint and at the same time providing a destination and an experience to the responsible global traveler.